Telecaller and Telemarkating

Telecaller and Telemarketing


Telecallers initiate telephonic contact with existing and prospective clients in order to generate sales. Given their reliance on spoken language, Telecallers ought to display excellent verbal communication.


* Should have Excellent Communication Skills and Convincing Power.

* Fluent in English, Hindi & Maithili. * Should be able to work with a Team.

* Good at Computers.

* Female Candidates Only. Experienced, Non-Experienced , Keywords TELE CALLER,
Telemarketing - two ways
1- brand promotions
2- telephone operator
1- explain the customers - based on product offers / benefits
2- promoting the products
3- customer follow-up
4- feedback - mails/phones ( communication channel)
1- brand promotion tele
• Maintain register for the same.
• File the requisition of staff for the use of telephones.
• Prepare a list of calls made by the staff department wise and send the same to HOD.
2 - tele-operater
• Make complains to the Maintenance department in case of any fault/damage/breakage and also inform to HOD.
• Check the intercom lines and instruments and use the service of telephone technician in case of any repairs.
• Make sure that telephone system work smoothly without interruption.
• Operator should not be engaged in unnecessary conversation while sitting on the board.
• The operator on board should be extremely courteous towards people calling from in and outside to the hospital and make them feel the operator is willing to do everything for them. • Accuracy is very essential to connect to the correct numbers required.
• Operator should have the speed in connecting the calls; hence he/she will not be late in attending the calls.
• Operator shall work in SHIFTS/ Overtime, holidays, and weekends as requested by HOD.

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