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The main function of a AHD CCTV camera is to capture light and convert it into a video signal. At the core of a CCTV camera is a IR sensor. This converts light into an electrical signal. Signal processing converts the electrical signal to a video signal that can be displayed on screen or recorded.


How does it Work?


In a AHD CCTV camera system, the camera captures an analogue signal and this is transferred via a coax cable to the DVR. The DVR converts the analogue signal to a digital one, compresses it and this is stored on a hard drive. The footage can be viewed on monitors attached to the DVR or the signal can be sent across a network to be viewed on a computer screen, all of the cameras’ signals are sent as one stream using one IP address and this makes it very efficient.


Advantages of AHD CAMERA


AHD CCTV camera helps you to increase brightness, greater stability of image, a sharper image and better power efficiency. There is also reduced sensitivity to noise.

Power supply is a technology that allows cameras to be powered from a single 2+1, 3+1 cable normally a camera requires 2 cables, one for video signal and one for electrical power. If a camera is enabled with PS then only one cable is required that supplies power and also handles the video signal.


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