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” The Canadian Journal Of Psychiatry, vol 48, no.  SAGE Publications, doi:ten.

Twentieth Century Literary Peculiarities Demonstrated by T. S. Eliot’s The Enjoy Tune of J.

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Alfred Prufrock


The twentieth century introduced about quite a few variations to the environment at huge. Nations have been becoming comprehensively modernized, vehicles had been mass-generated for the 1st time, and individuals began to go into towns, all of which profoundly altered lifestyle.

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Reflective of these large societal variations is the modernist movement in literature, within which two specific hallmarks are notable: a absence of synchronicity in time and a new look at of the past as it relates to the current. These hallmarks of twentieth century How do I write a good essay? – Nicolin123 | write, TeenTop, Crafts | Vingle, Interest Network literature are exemplified in the T. S. Eliot poem The Love Track of J. Alfred Prufrock.

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One conspicuous hallmark of twentieth century literature is the lack of synchronicity in time through popular performs, leaving plot to usually feel like “a jumble” (Leitch, 2010, p. The modernists “turned down standard notions of plot and time” (Berggren, 2000). This deficiency of synchronicity can be observed as a immediate response to the unexpected variations in culture-in a quite small time, the entire world adjusted drastically, with new technologies consistently producing, and life shifting to accommodate these improvements.

This jumbled time is found very evidently in Eliot’s poem, with the regular refrain of “In the home the women arrive and go, Conversing of Michelangelo.

” (Eliot, 1915, L. In truth, these random statements harken to the poem’s track record. Prufrock is obtaining a discussion through the other strains, and the women discussing Michelangelo are history sound, consistent and unrelenting. However, the plot unit seems jumbled to the reader, specified that it does not abide by the preceding strains. writting essay service The use of this unit, which spots the reader off balance, is as a result exemplary of the twentieth century idea of nontraditional, nonlinear plot.


Twentieth century literature “exists in just the tradition from which it usually takes condition and which it, in flip, redefines” (Leitch, 2010, p. The harkening to traditions of the previous and the re-assessment of individuals traditions is existing in lots of twentieth century is effective. In individual, numerous texts allude to “myth and ancient cultures.

 ” (Berggren, 2000) Eliot’s The Love Music of J. Alfred Prufrock does accurately this. Towards the poem’s conclude, Prufrock resoundingly declares


“No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be


Am an attendant lord, a single that will do


To swell a development, start a scene or two” (Eliot, 1915, L. 111-113)


Prufrock alludes to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, proclaiming that he is not intended to be in the community eye, the most important character is any tale. Instead, he is contented to be a qualifications character. This allusion spots the poem-Prufrock does not look at himself godly, and he is no Michelangelo or Hamlet.

Nevertheless custom is also turned on its ear by this collection. Of all of Shakespeare’s’ princes, the decision of Hamlet is telling. When Prufrock is ostensibly proclaiming that he does not would like to be the hero, Eliot is as a substitute upending classic choice of Hamlet as his prince. Hamlet is prone to bouts of insanity, but is also reflective and clever.

In his discussions, Prufrock is declaring that he does not want to be anyone’s concentrate, and that he as a substitute seeks shorter bursts of focus and spectacle. With this assertion, Prufrock seems modest, but he is essentially becoming intelligent, as Hamlet is no one’s thought of a hero, and Prufrock undoubtedly wishes to get attention.

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