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We always try to give everybody on the entire team a good reason to see and use the library. So, go ahead and announce the library and post interface screens by the kitchen counter, and showcase components next to the coffee machine. Not everybody will agree to the names, but everybody will have a hard time forgetting what they stand for.

The list might come in handy when you are running an inventory of interface components as well. Rizzo, the name of Lonely Planet’s style guide, comes with API calls. Show and hide code snippets Tabs or an accordion allow users to see code snippets when necessary and hide them by default . Also, consider a code tester, a tool that allows designers and developers to edit the sample code and see a live preview — like a small CodePen in your pattern library. Future Learn has a Slack channel with a bot highlighting the module of the day.

Key Considerations For Small Businesses

Establish a strong connection between the library and the team. At this point, consider discussing how new patterns would be added and how they would be maintained by the team. Set up a connection to the pattern library and make it accessible everywhere in your organization — be it in the CMS, in the customer support documentation or by the water cooler. At some point, you could even extend the library with visual context, tags and the people responsible for certain families of components. With the documentation living in the actual code, we could run a task to generate and then automatically regenerate the pattern library every time the code is changed. If the component preview pulls and renders the actual code from the production server, it won’t get out of date either. So, every time a change is made and you run the task runner, it could force an update in the pattern library as well, reflecting the state of the actual website.

Because the very purpose of the pattern library is to be used throughout the team, make sure it remains valuable and impossible to overlook. People should run into it frequently, whether they want to or not. For example, print out the components and put them on a wall. Hardcode the “File a request for the pattern library” button into the CMS, CRM and spreadsheets.

Pattern Lab 2, the grunt-styleguide task, Fractal, SourceJS, KSS and dozens of other tools can be used to achieve this. Out of the box, they might not be as flexible as a custom-built pattern library, but they get the job done in many cases. Keeping the pattern library more adaptive and open to change is usually the better route. In such cases, the Family Feud approval process for the pattern library will be pragmatic and might even allow for errors and inconsistencies. For FutureLearn, Alla Kholmatova has proposed the uniqueness of a component’s purpose as a criterion. The only exception is when it could be merged or morphed into an existing pattern, by extending an established family of components. To establish a long-term pattern library within an organization, you need to do a bit more than just convince your fellow designers and developers to invest in a unified design language.

Your library doesn’t necessarily need all of them, but by running down the list, you probably won’t overlook something critical. Just keep in mind that there’s no reason to build the ultimate pattern library, because some of the points listed below won’t address problems you’re facing.

Online sales application template containing a range of diverse UI components. Using them you will speed up the design process of your product or simply get inspiration. Cochrane researchers then apply statistical analysis to compare the data of the trials. This creates a review of studies, or systematic review, giving a comprehensive view of the efficacy of a particular medical intervention. Finished reviews are available as a full report with diagrams, in condensed form or as a plain language summary, in order to provide for every reader of the review. Now that the standalone components are taken care of, what about the global features? Below you’ll find an overview of the features that an extended pattern library or a design system might have.

  • If Figma will borrow Axure’s prototyping features, it will become total market leader then.
  • You can overcome some of these points, but then you just bloat your Figma pages with bunch of duplicated components just to fake some interactions.
  • Simply, you can’t set 2+ interactions for the same element.
  • On hover do this, on click do that, on dbl-click do else and on right click do something else.
  • Only FramerX probably can do that, but i have no much experience in that.
  • If you will try to achieve that in Figma, you will fail quite quickly because performance will degrade drastically.

We can think of the applications view as inspiration for designers who would like to derive visual consistency from existing interfaces. That’s also the main challenge I see companies struggle with when using an atomic or modular design approach. Often there seems to be a reluctance towards higher-level components, even ones dictated by business needs. Even when components of an interface are so carefully crafted and grouped and systematized and arranged and named, it’s often difficult to see the big picture when combining them on a screen. Designing the components in isolation often feels like a surefire recipe for a design that is generic, flat or lacking in a strong point of view.

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As mentioned above, the goal of the pattern library is longevity and practical value for the entire team. Well, certain qualities and indicators make the effort slightly more likely to succeed. Different levels of abstraction in a style guide Probably the main advantages of extending the pattern library in this way are better clarity and practical examples. Concrete interface examples drastically limit room for interpretation and misunderstanding. These examples shouldn’t be seen as the only solutions to a given problem, though.

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