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Working with many clients who came to us with software samples they would like to develop, we found out that, apparently, many freelance developers and even IT companies ignore the process of code review. Since we in GBKSOFT consider the code review stage to be a basic service, we decided to explain our perspective. Do you want your code publicly available or would you prefer it to be private and accessible only to your collaborators?

Does the source code facility support integration with other third-party systems? These are just a few important questions any software development team has to ask when choosing code repositories and services. This type of code repository solution requires serious commitment, time, and effort to set up and maintain the workflow and development process download safari for windows. However, the payoff is it gives development teams and companies the most control over their projects and repository, especially when it comes to customization. SourceForge is one of the oldest and most established hosted platforms for software development projects and source code repositories. The service provider offers the majority of features and capabilities one would expect from a repository.

Finding bugs later in the release cycle or post migration into production would rather turn out to be more expensive and time-consuming. This is why organizations are now following a modern methodology of Shift-Left Testing where you incorporate testing right from the client’s requirement gathering phase.

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9% Uptime

Production of complex source code, in particular, increases the effort required to collect, triage, transportation and host the code during discovery – each of which comes at a financial cost. Furthermore, producing more code means stricter data security diligence by IT, eDiscovery executives and outside counsel increasing both the cost and the risk for the producing party. Notwithstanding, several strategies exist which can potentially keep costs and risks under control for both parties. Having a lot of practice in reviewing code, we decided to prepare a small guideline for developers who are going to check the source code for their projects. The main thing you need to remember about code review is that it should be performed BEFORE your new development team takes on a new codebase or project. Checking the code before starting a project gives your team the chance to get familiar with it and to determine whether the code is clean or requires any rework.

For starters, Code reviewing and testing, both are best practices to be included in a software development life cycle. However, both are unique in their own ways and must not be confused. It would be wrong to think that you don’t need code reviewing because you have testing in your SDLC or vice-versa. Working in an Agile environment, you may often underestimate the significance of code reviewing process. You may think code reviewing is going to be time-consuming, especially when you are running short on deadlines. The sooner you review the code and eliminate any blocker or bug possibility for later, the sooner you are able to deliver the product as per the release process.

There are relatively fewer cases where the source code is produced at the receiving party’s counsel office which minimizes the expenses and legal manpower borne by the producing party for the review. As a third approach, a software escrow with robust, certified security provisions can provide a neutral middle ground with the producing party and the receiving party sharing the costs. Most escrows, like Iron Mountain, operate escrow sites across the world with each site fully equipped with heavy duty security, dedicated supervisory staff, biometric access and video surveillance. A significant cost and exposure risk can be avoided simply by a diligent assessment on both sides as to what source code needs to be produced to the receiving party. In a typical discovery, receiving party counsel and producing party counsel correspond, argue and negotiate at length about what constitutes relevant source code. On the other hand, with increasing complexity of software, legal costs have been increasing as well.

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