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The interactive technologies available today is GPS, which has changed the way of people live their lives. Detromani provides you the best GPS system.


GPS will improve your company’s reputation of excellent customer service and build trust between managers and drivers.


There are countless benefits that GPS brings, greater trust and healthy relationships between company and customers.


If you’re considering adding GPS tracker to your vehicles, we invite you to contact us with your questions and concerns. We have successfully helped many customers with both large and small vehicles.


And we can work with you to ensure that you select the best tools for your vehicle. Contact Detromani today. We look forward to working with you and creating a solution for your vehicle.


A standard GPS tracker can track and send data directly to your phone and can give you the following informations: -


  • Real time tracking: - locate your family/drivers in real time.
  • Interactive GUI: - Powerful and user-friendly Application.
  • Emergency Alarm: - Anti-theft alarm for vehicles.
  • Driver Behaviour: - Monitor the performance of your driver
  • SOS: - Get help on time
  • Fuel detector: - Show you the meter of the fuel
  • Safe mode: - anti-theft alarm for vehicles
  • Driver behavior – monitor the performance of the drive
  • Device disconnect: -
  • Ac alarm: -
  • Engine on/off
  • Alert me
  • 60 days history
  • Towed alarm
  • Parking notification


We help you find the right GPS tracker system for your business needs.

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