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about detromani

Detromani A step to security

Welcome to Detromani blog, Life can surprise you with unexpected challenges.

The Detromani  provides you security equipments (CCTV CAMERA, IP CAMERA, BIOMETRIC, TIME ATTENDANCE, FIRE ALARM, GPS TRACKER, VIDEO DOOR PHONE) in your area, that will help you be safe and secure. Take prevention and protection will give you security that comes with confidence. Detromani is on a mission to bring accessible equipments to every school hospital, offices, organizations and many more.

Our pages are filled with information, in case if you need. We focus on safety and maintenance issues with regard to your home, office, school, hospital and more. Please note that preventive measures guarantee good outcomes. We encourage you to use our services, because for you and your property we always consider safety.

The journey from tree to pulp to paper is a long one. It doesn’t happen overnight. We aim to have it begin and end with sustainability.

     At Detromani, we believe in security.

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